An Orthopedic Surgeon’s Training & Education

Becoming an orthopedic surgeon is a long process, requiring many years of schooling and training. First, a potential orthopedic surgeon must complete a four year undergraduate degree. While they can major in any subject, majoring in a premedical discipline or biological science would be the most help for the preliminary exams to enter medical school, the next step in their education. After four years of medical school and securing a medical doctorate, the newly graduated doctor has a five year residency training in orthopedic surgery to complete. Once the residency program is complete, after thirteen years of training and education (or twenty-six to twenty-seven, counting primary and secondary education), the orthopedic surgeon is ready to begin their practice.


orthopedic-surgeon-hipOrthopedic surgeons specialize in performing medical procedures relating to the musculoskeletal system, joint care, and similar surgeries and procedures. They can use surgical means or nonsurgical means, but their primary area of expertise is in treatment of medical conditions in these related areas. They treat a variety of conditions ranging from infections and diseases to congenital disorders, injuries, and degenerative conditions. Bone diseases, spinal disorders, joint injuries, and other conditions are all among the medical conditions that they work with every day. Arthroscopic surgery, reconstructive surgery, fracture repair, spinal fusion, and joint replacement are common procedures they perform.


In recent years, orthopedic surgical procedures have become increasingly commonplace. Whether this is from an increase in ailments requiring orthopedic surgery, a better understanding of health problems, or an increase in availability is unclear. What is clear is that orthopedic surgeons are in greater demand than ever, and finding the right surgeon can be difficult. That’s where can help. The website will help you find the right orthopedic surgeon for your needs in California. Whether you need help with a sports injury, a joint replacement, a spinal injury or disorder, or another bone or muscle related condition, this site can connect you with an orthopedic surgeon that meets your needs.